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Anne Shrago

 Master of Science, Certified in Equine Sports Massage, Reiki Master, Certified Equine Specialist for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Student of The Epona Approach **, Medical Technologist Certified and Registered by American Society for Clinical Pathologists

Anne has been under the tutelage of horses for over 50 years. Anne resonates with Eponaquest equine facilitated experiential growth work and is a Certified Equine Specialist by EAGALA Anne has studied in the Equine Specialist Program for Equine Facilitated Activities with PATH International (Professional Assoc. for Therapeutic Horsemanship, formerly NAHRA). Anne is certified by Equissage and offers equine sports massage along with Reiki.   She also completed the program for Regional Advisor under GaWaNi Pony Boy through the Iyuptala University Program.

Equine Essence is thrilled to announce collaborations with Peace Reins a nonprofit organization that offers equine experiential learning for veterans and their families. This work is focused on emotional agility and relationship skills. Using the horse-human relationship, we assist veterans in their quest for physical, mental, emotional and spititual healing.

The unveiling of the healing and teaching nature of human-horse relationships as valuable approaches, effective perspectives and personal insights for humans to thrive in today's fast-paced society is Anne's ardent passion.

Anne actively endorses the usage of American-bred horses as Sport Horses.  She has competed in the western and saddleseat disciplines, and is a current and lifelong student in the harmony and balance of classical dressage.

** The Epona Approach is a trademark of Eponaquest Inc.

Meet Blue - my "baby" boy!  Blue appears to be full of that baby innocence and curiosity, but he is grown up so don't let him fool you!   He is a smarty pants and quite the clown! Blue has been with me since he was a yearling. This is his forever home.  L'Azure Soleil is an American Saddlebred.

Meet my lovely red thoroughbred (TB), Skylar.  Skylar is a sweet TB trained through 4th level dressage with some eventing experience. Skylar is settling into life at Cedar Breeze, having arrived in December 2014. Skylar (registered as Against The Wind) is a sweet Thoroughbred. Skylar is a unicorn and my wonder horse

Denmark Oman, the love of my life, had to cross the Rainbow Bridge June 9, 2015.   A regal and perfect gentleman, he awed everyone with his softness. My sweetest boy left this world eating clover and was buried amongst clover, forever being in clover. Denmark Oman was a 29 year old American Saddlebred. We spent 26 years together. He was a once in a lifetime horse and I was so lucky he was in my life.  
Rest In Clover My Love

My beloved Dude had to cross the rainbow bridge November 17, 2014. May he RIP. Dude and Denmark were best friends and Dude was an incredibly funny and talented horse. His earthly remains grace my farm and I miss him very much. .   Button Down Dude was a loved 26 year old foundation American Quarter Horse.


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