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I call to the power of the Thunder Beings
I call to the power of the Earth
I call to the power of the East and West
I call to the power of the North and South
Behold, the time has come
The time has come to unite as one
Behold, the time has come
To encircle the Earth with our love

- ancient song to call power for the good of our world

The Horse's natural essence exhibits the ultimate quality of living with honesty, respect for others, fairness, the right Life-Way and unconditional love.

Through the teachings and healing nature of the horse, you can begin your journey of self-discovery.  You can learn about your aspirations, your life goals, your joyfulness and your purpose in life.

My beloved horses and I wish to share this walk in beauty with the horse with you.

Add the enjoyment of nature and living among All-Things respectfully ...

... and find yourself on your journey ...

- Anne Shrago & her beloved Denmark Oman (RIP) 

Horses leave hoofprints on your heart Author Unknown

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