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Cedar Breeze will fill you with peace and serenity and ultimately offer insights into the Essence of the Horse.

"I don't know how to express to you how moved I am to experience this wonderful entity: the horse ... I would never had known ... you showed me ... Dude allows me. I so graciously thank you for the privilege of riding such a rich and soulful creature ~ ~ and I bow in awe at the gentleness of the soul of that amazing horse who is so willing to give you that extra chance ~ ~ he helps you to see how to balance and find your seat as he works to keep up with that walking~stride~king Denmark ... It's a life lesson every time" - PJS, Hillsborough, NC

"Wow. What a weekend. Cedar Breeze is such a lovely place- so peaceful. I am so glad to be a part of what
I believe will be a place of calmness in a way too intense world. I did not think about work or other
situations in my life that presently are causing me stress. It was a nice, dearly needed break.
I also learned about energy, and using it to communicate with your horse. I really feel I made some big
leaps forward in my knowledge and partnership with my horses based on the brief time I spent with Anne.
Thank you.  I think a lot of wonderful things will happen there, and Anne's vision for the place is right on target.
It speaks peaceful things to you, and soothes your soul. At least it did mine."
- LB, Outer Banks, NC

"A visit to Cedar Breeze is like a breath of fresh air. With Anne's quiet hospitality and the beautiful scenery from the
front porch of the cabin, the world's troubles melt away. Anyone looking for a relaxing time will find it at
Cedar Breeze Farm.
" - EG, Virginia

"Harmony, we should take lessons" - Gregory Blaine

Development of my land for my horses and me is ongoing.  I purchased 19 acres in NC Orange County in Summer 2005.   Surrounding the area are polo farms and fields, dressage farms, grand prix jumping farms, saddlebred farms, hunter farms and personal horse farms.  All these properties are in the midst of horse and farm country and close to Interstate 85 and Interstate 40!  I look forward to future retreats at Cedar Breeze with nature and the animals. Stay tuned. Work is in progress.

Hawkins Road, Hurdle Mills, NC 



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