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“Horses have given me so much love and peace in my life. I am thrilled to be able to give back to the horse in many ways, including equine sports massage.”

“I know from my own personal experience regarding neck injury, massage can loosen tenseness and muscle knots, improve how I feel physically, induce relaxation and increase freedom of movement. Massage has helped me and I speak from my own experience.  I look forward to completing the circle by helping your equine. Let me help your horse and you both achieve your very best, performance-wise and pleasure-wise.”

“My intent is to give your horse the best massage ever, with attention to his specific needs using tender loving care.” - Anne Shrago

Read a message from Shannon Woolfe about Joe’s massage!

About Equine Sports Massage


Equine sports massage is a non-invasive modality and beneficial for your horse’s total well-being by promoting healthy musculature and circulation.


A full body equine sports massage benefits healthy musculature, encouraging freedom of movement and flexibility.  Equine sports massage prepares your high performance horses  for the rigors of training, and helps maintain your beloved pleasure horses' freedom of movement.

60% or more of your horse’s body is muscle!

Muscle is responsible for movement.  Your horse’s most valuable asset in performance and potential is free motion. 

Equine massage enhances the degree of freedom and ease of movement, thus enhances your horse’s performance, total well-being and overall life.


A pre-event equine sports massage will reduce muscle spasms and reduce tension so your horse begins his event relaxed and with free motion.

A post-event equine sports massage is extremely beneficial for the equine athlete as the massage enhances circulation of blood into the muscles, releases toxins such as lactic acid and dissolves spasms normally present after a hard workout, returning the muscles quickly to their normal state.

A maintenance equine sports massage keeps your horse in condition, reduces spasms and allows easier training by increasing his freedom of movement and range of motion.

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Equine Sports Massage benefits:

[     Muscle imbalance

[     Stiffness

[     Crookedness

[     Reduction of resistance

[     “cold back”

[     Girthiness

[     Improper tracking

[     Short, choppy strides

[     Tension relief and enhancement of muscle movement after periods of stall confinement or trailering

[     Disposition improvement

[     Enhanced relationship with you and your horse


Your horse will express a happier attitude and increased flexibility, allowing for better movement and performance.

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What are the advantages of equine sports massage?

[     Enhance muscle tone

[     Increase range of motion

[     Enhance muscle flexibility and suppleness

[     Release tension thus promoting relaxation

[     Ease the knots of muscle spasms

[     Loosen muscle adhesions

[     Reduce resistance

[     Improve attitude

[     Enhance your partnership with your horse

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Make An Appointment

Let me help your horse and you both achieve your very best! 

My rates are reasonable @ $60.00/horse.

  An equine sports full body massage and post stretches takes approximately a little over an hour.  In addition, I will spend the extra time that it takes to help your horse if he has a specific muscle-related issue.

Your horse must be under routine veterinary care, and I am happy to work with your vet and equine chiropractor.

Your horse's well-being is my utmost intent!

 ** Equine Sports Massage is not for evaluation, diagnosis or any form of veterinary treatment or care **

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Mobile: 919.624.6777

Hillsborough, North Carolina

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Anne is a member of:
IAAMT (International Assoc. of Animal Massage Therapists)
NCHC (NC Horse Council)
USERL (Equine Rescue League)
PATH (Professional Assoc. of Therapeutic Horsemanship Intl)
EFMHA (Equine Facilitated Mental Health Assoc.)
EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Assoc.)

Excellent Equine Stretch Book!
Stretch Exercises for Your Horse: The Path to Perfect Suppleness
by Karin Blignault


"As Anne worked Joe's stiff neck he leaned toward her as though he was asking for more. You could see the stiffness and pain melting away as Anne worked her magic on him. She took care to tell me what she was doing and showed me how I could do certain exercises for Joe myself. She showed me how to do neck stretches and leg stretches (even for his hind legs!) and how to improve his suppleness. The real payoff came in the days after Anne’s session with Joe. While riding him, I noticed him to be freer and more relaxed with not only his neck, but his back and his whole front-end. The changes were dramatic - he was so much more comfortable than he had ever been. I continue to practice the exercises that Anne taught me that day and stay mindful of ways to keep Joe’s neck from getting too tight and too tense. And no one could be happier about the result of Anne’s work than Joe." - Shannon Woolfe and her QH, Joe
Read Shannon’s full message

"Sunshine's attitude seems to have improved since the massage, believe it or not! She's not quite as mean to everyone, and even tolerated other horses walking next to her today. She'll definitely be getting another massage from you in the future! I love seeing my babies happy." - Nikki Long and her beloved mare, Sunshine

"I meant to tell you ten times, after E's massage, I rode him that afternoon and his canter was so relaxed and controlled!! Usually his left canter is rough and not as relaxed as the right but after the massage I could tell the biggest difference! You have the magic touch! Thank you so much." - Holly Henson and her Champion Hunter Saddlebred, Symbol's Supreme Eclipse

"Kol'a is a beautiful 17h Paint gelding with remarkably crooked front legs. He was diagnosed with epiphysitis.  At 2 yo, x-rays revealed calcifications, sidebone, bone spurs and arthritis. I have spent a small fortune on him over the years on corrective shoeing and joint supplements. I wish I had additionally known about equine sports massage then.  Kol'a is not my riding horse, but he is an excellent friend to me. Right after massage, I noticed better movement at the walk, 'more pep to his step', and when I spoke with Anne 2 weeks later, I told her before massage, he would trot to keep up with the herd but was too stiff. Now, he keeps up with the herd and has even been chasing a mule! He comes from a long line of APHA race horses and loved to run as a youngster... now he can run again!  I am excited about the continual benefits of regular equine sports massage for this spirited horse who loves life. Kola says 'When is the lady with the nice hands coming back?'" - Elaine and Kol'a

"Anne recently did some work on a client's horse that had sustained an injury... in one session he has regained a great deal of range of motion in the affected hind leg.  The area that had been tight and painful is still relaxed and he is much happier doing his job.  We will be following through with further massage to keep him healing correctly and pain free!" - Gayle Dauverd, dressage trainer, on a Hanoverian

"My observation was that Lucky physically felt different to the touch, softer somehow.  It hasn't been that long ago that asking him to break at the poll and turn to the right like that would have made him rear.  We have done a lot of work on that and he has certainly improved, but it has never been as easy as it was a day after your massage." - Laura Shack and her Trakehner, Lucky

"Taqkek did love it and seems looser and more active.  So, you'll be here once a week for Kek's massage? Right?  Kek was so happy to see me when I got home, and very active, you could tell the difference in his movement that your massage helped." - Christine Noblin and her Appaloosa, Taqkek


Massaging horses for renown potters in Mata Ortiz, Mexico




From Anne    About Equine Sports Massage    Benefits    Advantages    ** Testimonials **    
Make An Appointment  

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